Siri Finally

Yes, yes…I have been a tease..promising a review of the Siri and then not delivering it. There is a whole back story to the delay. The Siri arrived about the same time at the Form 2 (which you all know I am in love with). I was busy having so much fun with the Form 2 that I forgot about the Siri. When I finally remembered that I had not posted the review, I decided to wait until my love affair with the Form 2 was over so that I could do the Siri justice.

The Siri is great… it has the same functionality as the other Lelo products (rechargeable, lockable, differing speeds and patterns. I enjoyed it a lot more than the other external Lelo vibes (Nea , Lily etc) as it is far stronger and thus works for someone needing more stimulation,  BUT as a matter of preference I just love the Form 2 better. I would probably keep the Siri as a back up or as the vibe I travel with.

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Since tis the season for giving, here are a few items that caught my eye…

Cashmere panties and bra from our friends at Kiki De Montparnasse. Normally I would have scoffed at wearing cashmere undergarments (I do exclusively wear cashmere socks), but after seeing these in the Kini DM store, I was positively green with envy. I wanted a pair. The price tag is steep, but the cashmere is so soft and luxurious that I could not help falling in love

Miuzu Buzzlet at Babeland. Full disclosure, I am friends with the folks at Miuzu, but even if I were not, I would adore this vibe. It is sleek, stylish and has all the things we have come to expect from high end toys (rechargeable, waterproof, body-safe etc…)

The LoveKits at BootyParlor. They are all so cute and clever. I love the fact they come in little packages that are sexy when you pull them out as opposed to having to fiddle with an ugly box of condoms.

The decadent bath soaps by Philosphy at Sephora. These smell so good that I have been tempted to eat them

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Great Reading!

Gosh… the girls have been MIA…  perhaps a spanking is in order. Anyhow we are back and have some fun reading to share with you.

Today while reading Salon two articles caught my attention. The first is about the Sex List created by a Duke graduate describing her sexual encounters. Granted I have never actually done a Power Point presentation on the  boys I have crossed paths with, but the thought has occurred to me. I still find the double standards silly… when girls have an extensive bed mate list they are sluts, and when boys do, they are studs.  While I do feel bad for all parties involved as this was meant to be private, I still chuckled.

The second article titled  The Ass Man Cometh is definitely worth pondering. It is a fun read and I heartily agree with the conclusion “Women who were getting what they wanted were more likely to indulge their partners’ wishes”

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Saw this on a twitter stream and had to write about it. Now you can turn your Wii remote into a sex toy.. a Mojowijo!!! What’s next… the electric toothbrush (oops..too late we have already tried that). You can use the Mojowijo over the internet or with people besides you. The movement you make on your remote translates into vibrations on the receiving remote. The site says coming Fall 2010. It will be interesting to see how it works!

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It all begins at a young age for girls…worrying about how they look, what clothes they wear and if their
hair is just right. They feel as though they need to keep up with the images that are portrayed on tv,
in movies and magazines. As a society we brain wash young girls from the get go…showing them
what we feel is an appropriate look for today. These girls as young as they are (Ive read as early as 12-
13) also worry about their genital appearance and if it’s acceptable when at that age all they should be
worrying about is having fun with their friends, family vacations, and slumber parties. It’s a scary truth.
These girls worry about the size and shape of their vulvas , whether they will appeal to boys or gross
them out.

Now of course these girls turn into women and continue to have these issues. ..comparing themselves now to
the girls on the porn videos their partner is watching ..thinking…”SHIT!…..mine sure as hell doesn’t look
like that”, giving themselves a horrible complex, not realizing that many of the “porn” vaginas have been airbrushed, nipped and tucked.
Of course these feelings affect your relationship and intimacy. For instance, you won’t have sex
with the light on, you won’t allow your partner to perform oral sex on you, or allow him/her to fondle
you in any way. Perhaps you try to avoid sex altogether.

Yes there are procedures to “fix” the vagina.. whether it be reducing the labia or the clitoral hood or even injecting fat into the surrounding area to plump it up. However you should always realize that you’re not the only one out there who is shy about how your vagina looks and that not every vagina is supposed to look the same. If you’re with someone who is asking you to change it or who is put off by it…DITCH EM…they’re not dating your vagina!

For a great selection of images to show the vast differences in female bits click here. Celebrate your uniqueness!

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Siri Preview

The girls have gotten a lovely Siri to test – one of the latest products from Lelo, and we are sure it will thrill. Stay tuned!

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I’m finally back after having my son and ready to tell you how it is…well, according to me. I’m sure you can remember me writing in the past about sex during pregnancy. Some of you may be curious how things are going now that my little bundle has arrived. Most women know just from common knowledge you have to wait at least 6 weeks after birth before you can have intercourse. During that time you’re getting used to being a new mom, dealing with a wide range of raw emotions and sleep deprivation. Honestly I’m still going through that after 7 weeks. I went to my 6 week post labor appointment last week and got the thumbs up from the OB, so you can imagine how excited I was and of course my squeeze was too.

My poor squeeze was feeling neglected since all my attention has been going to the baby. ANYWAY….that very evening we tried making love after putting the baby down. It wasn’t easy. One might think you’d be so excited you’d just jump each other’s bones and screw like jack rabbits….BUT…it’s more like you two have to get reacquainted again in that way. I was nervous! Plus you have so much on your mind as far as the baby, being so exhausted and keeping your house together…I’m a mom…am I supposed to feel sexy..better yet…am I gonna look sexy down there? (I’ll get into Genital Self Image soon) I felt like it was my first time all over again and it physically felt that way too…it was as if having a child made me tighter. Say what! See I figured after giving birth I wouldn’t be as “firm” as I was before, but I was wrong. I had a small tear after delivery and had to get stitches.Maybe I got an extra stitch! Just kidding! I mean with that and all the hormone changes a women isn’t as lubricated and her muscles are more tender than they were before birth, so yes it hurt a little. The solution and Sara’s orders: Plenty of foreplay, lube (I recommend Eros Pjur Silicone) and make sure to try different positions where YOU are in control of the penetration. OH…and of course have patience and don’t force it.


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The minute I saw the Sqweel I knew I had to test it out. Despite the fact it looked a tad odd, who wouldn’t want a go at a toy with ten tongues? It never occurred to me that I might have an issue overcoming the way it looked. The Sqweel showed up in a nifty tin box. It has a cover that goes over the tongue “outlet” so that you can put it away discreetly. The tongues are made of a soft pliable silicone.

It took me a while to get my act together and get the AAA batteries it needed, but I finally did and gave myself the afternoon to do my “testing”. You can use the Sqweel in not of two ways…. tongues licking down, or tongues licking up. I personally preferred the licking down position. The sensation felt a bit ticklish, and not completely satisfying. I couldn’t get over the fact that it really was not a sexy looking toy. It looked more like a gimmick and I did not see myself pulling it out and using it anytime soon..alone or with a partner..I would probably die laughing.

I would not reccomend this unless you prefer a light flutter/tickle sensation, and you can get past the goofy way this toy looks!

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Lack of communication tends to be the demise of most relationships. Some parties don’t know how to convey their feelings, while others are afraid to speak up. I have often wondered where the lack of communication stems from, whether it is shyness, the fear of being judged or just general embarrassment. I am pretty vocal about letting my partner know where I stand and how I feel and while that works most of the time, sometimes it backfires as the other party feels they are being “bossed” or being “told” what to do which is not my intention. So my question to you is how do you get your point across without being judged and without the other party feeling that you are bossing them…? Do you establish a time out zone during the week to discuss things without judgment. Do you just clam up?
Personally I would always want to know where my other half stood, what their expectations were and how to achieve a compromise to satisfy both parties.

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